Our story

    Our story begins in February 1953, when Lino Pierazzo took over for his father Piero as manager of a tavern, which had been opened two years earlier in an old abandoned church, with what little savings the family had. During the years between the end of World War II and the beginning of the economic boom that followed, he gradually transformed the old tavern into a family restaurant, serving the tables himself and working in the kitchen with his wife Giancarla and a loyal employee, Pina, who stayed with the Pierazzo couple he whole life.
Just one year after taking over, Lino became a father: Giancarla gave birth to Mara, their first child; five years later their second, Massimo, would join them. After finishing their studies, both children began working at the restaurant, waiting tables and serving behind the bar. In 1974, Mara married Salvatore Maida. In the following years, after becoming a true member of the family, Salvatore convinced Lino to retire the existing bar service so he could focus entirely on the restaurant.
Toward the end of the eighties, Lino decided to step down from his role in the business to enjoy his well-deserved retirement, giving his children and Salvatore full control over the restaurant. To this day, Mara, Salvatore and Massimo keep the traditions of Venetian hospitality alive in a setting that combines the warmth of a family restaurant with the professionalism acquired from over sixty years in the food service industry.