Our chef Nicola

    At the helm of "Trattoria alla Scala." and right behind its stove, is Chef Nicola Ranieri, the driving force and soul of the restaurant. Born in 1959 in Bari and an adoptive Venetian, Nicola's history is one of flair, creativity, and a true passion for gastronomy and cooking. His professionalism is not the result of mere improvisation. Not at all. After mastering the secrets of Apulian cuisine by working in some of Bari's best restaurants (including "La Pignatta," "Marco Aurelio," and "La Vecchia Bari"), he moved, traveled, and experimented. He got his first taste of hybrid and cosmopolitan cooking styles at tourist locations such as Cortina d'Ampezzo and Lake Maggiore. Later, when he went abroad to Zurich, he opened himself up to the world of international cuisine, of which he would soon become a dedicated interpreter. From 1990, he managed the "Torre Gaia" restaurant in Bari for a few years, enjoying a more direct relationship with his customers and testing himself against the thousands of skills required by the world of fine dining. Then, Chef Ranieri reached the "Trattoria alla Scala" restaurant and dropped his anchor there. To a chef whose expertise is in Italian and international cuisine, the encounter with the picturesque cuisine of Veneto was love at first sight. A love affair that Nicola has been caring for and nurturing every day, for over twenty years, studying every nuance, every ingredient, every recipe. Nicola loves the cuisine of Veneto (and that of Venice in particular), and knows it to the point where he can afford to add his own personal touches, revisiting and reinterpreting flavors without departing from the most rigorous traditions. To Chef Ranieri, regional traditions are sacred. And our customers are the first witnesses of this.